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Weddings are a little daunting. Everyone wishes they could fix things before they happen. Well I am no magician but I do have some expertise in this industry. I will say that I wish I had this list of ten tips to maximize my wedding experience. This list is in no order but they are all valuable.


dress hanging on a wooden hanger

Tip 1.

Bring A Nice Hanger

This is a really small detail that makes a world of difference. Getting a great dress shot on your wedding day is one of my most crucial shots. We are really big about the details and having to use a plastic hanger just doesn’t do the dress justice. Have a custom designed hanger or just a wooden one, either one is a great, but write this tip down so you don’t forget!


Tip 2.

Write your own vows

This one will take some time but I feel like you with thank yourself over and over again afterwards. Your vows are a commitment to one another that you read in front your family and friends and to God. There is a draw to say the traditional vows, but your wedding is about the two of you and lets be honest, the most important part of the wedding is your commitment to each other. Take the time and really think about this tip.

bride and her girls walking on the beach

Tip 3.

This Is Your Party! Do What You Want

Weddings can get kind of sticky because there are a few people who have most likely dreamt of this occasion for well a lifetime. Compromising is key to making group decisions however at the end of the day YOU make the calls! If you want fish as your centerpiece, then dang it have fish as your centerpiece. Sorry about that outburst, I will try to keep that in check going forward. This is your big day, therefore you need to be the main decision maker. Not the only decision maker but the main decision maker.


Tip 4.

Get Creative For Your Engagement Session

There are only a few moments in your life where you are going to hire a professional photographer. Your engagement to your partner is something the celebrate! For your engagement portraits have some fun and create an experience you will remember for the rest of your lives. Plan something adventurous, crazy, romantic, or work with your photographer and hire a event planner and have a styled engagement session.

a ring standing upright on a hotel room keycard

Tip 5.

Hire Vendors You Like

There are many different personalities out there. Unfortunately not everyone sees eye to eye. Since this is your party hire the people you connect with. Spend the time and find out if you mesh well. If you don’t, your time together won’t be good for either of you and could create ill feeling towards each other and thats never good.


Tip 6.

Do A First Look

A first look is when the groom sees his bride to be before the ceremony. Now this is a touchy one but there are some huge benefits that you need to think about. What is the one thing that is lacking on the wedding day? TIME. Your wedding day is going to fly by, so as a photographer I try to give you as much as I can! By doing a first look you have rearranged the timeline so after the ceremony you can spend more time with your family and friends and have a drink or two at your cocktail hour! Now that not to bad, is it? A first looks allows us to capture the majority of the family and wedding party portraits beforehand giving us time to be creative and stress free portrait session.

a plate of food with macaroni and chees and steak

Tip 7.

Eat Your Food

I can remember a my wedding I spent so much time talking and walking around I barely got to enjoy myself and eat the wonderful food! You spent so much time and money planning this party, you have already said your vows, now its time to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself! You can thank your guest by having fun, dancing, and sending them a thank you card afterwards.


Tip 8.

Hire A Wedding Planner

Most likely this is your first time getting married, and if you are anything like my wife and I, you needed some guidance. So now you have two options. You can either have your great aunt Glenda help you with her 1980’s flair or you can hire a relevant wedding planner who knows how to help you along the way. Family will only get you so far, so hire a wedding planner to have your creative visions become your reality!

a bride in her dress in the woods

Tip 9.

Bridal Sessions Are A Must

So back to this whole having time soapbox. Do you want creative pictures of you in your dress? Yes or No? Your answer is yes of course. Having a set time to capture your best looks and shooting at the best locations is a no brainer. This is what a bridal session gives you. You can also have portraits of you in your dress at your reception. Now thats a bride who has planned ahead! My last thought on your bridal session is this, what better way to have a trial run with some of the most important elements like your hair and makeup as well as your flowers. How cool is that!

daughter dancing with her father at her wedding

Tip 10.

Invest In Memories

Alright Ya’ll, lets get real here… What good is it to have all those files sitting on a USB? Do any of you remember as a child looking through your parents or grandparents pictures? Some of my favorite memories growing up is of my family sitting around our living room with our family albums just remembering every single moment. As a parent I love seeing my kids look up at their portraits on our walls and say to me ” Thats me daddy!” Prints give us confidence. Prints give us memories. Prints are important. Guys, invest in those memories! There is a reason you have hired a professional photographer. Take advantage of the product they offer because you wont find them anywhere else.


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