This is why I became a photographer!

Hello world! Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a good time. So the last 4 years of being in business professionally our brand has been slowly evolving in regard to our client experience, Photographic style and business practice. I want to thank my clients and followers who have been on this journey with me over the years and I hope that we can make beautiful work together sometime.

Over the years I have asked myself a simple question and that is “Why am I a photographer?” And over the years I have answered this question differently. Sometimes my answer is “because I love photographing people.” Other times its “I love all the gear!” There have been times when an answer doesn’t come and in those moments I turn to God and ask if this is what he has for me.

This past year my life changed in a big way. Jana and I had the absolute honor to adopt our two precious baby girls. It was one of the best days of our lives. Since adopting our girls there is one big thing I am constantly reminded of and that is time is a very valuable thing. My kids are growing up fast and I no longer have time to play around with an idea of taking pictures without a goal or vision in mind. My photography needs to have a purpose. So my answer to date is that I am a photographer because time is valuable and it needs to be captured and preserved. People need print in their home because life is important; These memories need to be remembered. I am a story teller and I have chosen to tell my stories with the power of print.

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Thank you so much for taking a look at who we are and what we are all about. Our mission is to tell your wedding story from start to finish so you can share your story for generations to come. We wish all the best as you embark on this exciting planning season and we cant wait to work with you! 


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